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This area is destined to solve frequent doubts regarding the participation of organizations in the Progress Generation Award. We suggest you read thoroughly the questions and answers below so there are no doubts left about the notice and your admission.

About the admission

Who can apply?

Non governmental organizations that develop relevant work focused in professional improvement, for people of 14 to 34 years of age.

I am not a non governmental organization, can I still apply?

No. This award is destined to NGOs exclusively.

I am still in the process of legally qualifying my organization. Can I still apply?

No. The award is destined to organizations that are qualified as NGOs for at least one year. We must point out that when applying, it will be necessary to provide documentation. In case an organization does not include them, it will be automatically disqualified.

My organization works in many fronts, and one of them is professional improvement. Can I still apply?

Yes. The organization does not have to be focused exclusively in professional development; however, it must have at least one project or program with this approach.

The organization I represent does have a project of professional development; however, it is already sponsored by another company/organization. Can I still apply?

Yes. The organization will not be disqualified for it.

Is it possible to choose between the prizes: either the mentoring or the cash prize?

No. The prize consists of these two benefits: R$ 75.000 and the mentoring by Phomenta Institute. Also, Grupo +Unidos will provide support with the indicators and in monitoring the results.

About filling out the application

Is there the option of starting to fill out the application and finishing it another time?

Yes. You do have the option of saving a draft of your answers. But be mindful of the deadline for submitting your application (18h00 of September 30th 2019)

I have already answered all the questions in the form, but I can´t submit the answers. It´s pointing out that there´s an unanswered question, but I can´t find it. What should I do?

We ask you to click on the ‘support’ button on the right side of the screen, during business hours (from 09h00 to 18h00), and someone from support will provide you with assistance.

Is it possible to fill out the form while not connected to the internet?

No. We recommend that you fill out the form in a quiet place and with a good connection to the internet.

About the selection of the organizations

What are the phases of the Progress Generation Award?

Phase I: Filling out the form so that the jury may choose 5 organizations.
Phase II: Visiting of the 5 selected organizations in the first phase for evaluation of the provided information.
Final Phase: After all the provided information has been evaluated, the 5 finalists will be consulted by Phomenta Institute, so a diagnosis on the organization may be elaborated. This diagnosis will identify all the positive aspects and aspects in need of improvement for each organization. It will be based on this material that the organizations will be developing a presentation for the jury, and they will score them to determine the winners.
Award event: occasion in which the winners will be announced.

What are the criteria for selection in the first phase?

In short, the answers regarding the first phase will be evaluated based on the following criteria: competence of the organization and relevance of the service provided, beneficiaries, impact and financial sustainability. For more details, click here and access the regulation.

Who will be making this selection?

The selection regarding the first phase will be made by Grupo +Unidos. The evaluation of the second phase will be made by a jury and their names will be announced shortly.

When will the announcement be made of the selected organizations for the second phase?

We will be in touch with the selected organizations to schedule the visitations, with the intention of validating the information provided via application. From this validation on, the finalists will be publicly announced on October 30th 2019.

In case any selected organization presents an information on the application and perceived as discrepant during the visitation (second phase), what will happen?

If the discrepancy is severe and raises doubt on the ethics of the selected organization, it will be automatically disqualified. In case one of the 5 selected organizations gets disqualified, the 6th place will be visited and after evaluated, it will be invited to join the group of the 5 selected organizations.

What is Demoday?

It is a presentation day, that will give the 5 selected organizations the opportunity to show how they intend to invest the prize to increment their professional development project. This stage is part of the selection process to define the winning organizations.

About the organizers and partners

About Citi Foundation

Citi Foundation, Citi´s social investment branch, works to promote economic progress and improve the lives of people in low income communities around the world. Invests in efforts to increase financial inclusion, catalyzes labor opportunities for young people and reinvents approaches to build cities economically vibrant. The foundation´s approach “More than Philanthropy” levers the enormous experience of Citi and it´s staff to fulfill it´s mission and push leadership and innovation forward. It is the idealizer of the award and retains all the rights over the brand, name of the award and it´s format and concepts.

About Grupo +Unidos

Unidos non profit association, is a collaborative social investment fund designed by the American Embassy, through United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The group is formed by large companies acting in Brazil, and has been active since 2008 in empowering young Brazilians through initiatives focused on education and technological studies.
From an open and efficient network of partners, +Unidos suggests a new way of thinking about corporative social responsibility. In it´s efforts, +Unidos incorporates concepts of venture philanthropy to determine its methodology of social investment. This model uses most of the principles of venture capital financing to invest in beginner social initiatives, growth initiatives or of great potential. In this case, there is no profit in mind, but in investments that promote some kind of social improvement, specially in education and in professional development. It is the operational partner of the award, not owning any rights over the brand, name of the award or its format and concept, except if otherwise specified by Citi Foundation.


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