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The Geração de Progresso Award

The Geração de Progresso Award comes to recognize and encourage NGOs (non profit organizations) that work with professional improvement projects for the labor market, through education, in the state of São Paulo.

The award is an initiative of the Citi Foundation, held by Grupo +Unidos.

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Prêmio - Geração de Progresso

We want to be allies in growth and transformation

Acelerar o impacto


Accelerating the social impact of the selected organizations, increasing their influence and their power of transformation in the communities.

Reconhecer as organizações

Recognizing the

Acknowledging creativity, efficiency and innovation in favour of professional improvement, giving exposure to the initiatives, bringing close to the right partners, increasing the chances of growth.



Strengthening capabilities and optimizing potentials, to generate more efficiency and impact, expanding the reach of the promoted projects;

fortalecer estruturas


Contributing with more structure for the organizations that make a difference in the lives of young people and adults from the lower social economic groups, with policies of diversity, education and culture.

vamos juntos aumentar o impacto!

Let’s increase the impact together!

Two organizations will be selected to receive a prize consisting of a R$ 75,000.00 (seventy-five thousand Reals) donation each and a mentoring program focused on optimizing the administration of these resources, acquisition of knowledge and generation of strategies.

In short, the awarded organizations will receive financial funds directly, as donations, and indirectly, as hours of professional improvement. And still, they will also count on the monitoring accompanied by the award realization team, Grupo +Unidos, who will support the management of indicators and reading results.

Investing in intelligence

The winning solutions will receive support from Phomenta, a social initiative specialized in management and accelerating programs. The mentoring program will offer professionals from different background focused on optimizing the use of the received investment, aside from working side by side with the directors so that the institutions increase their impacts in society and sustainability of the business model

Investindo na inteligência

Who can apply?

Non governmental organizations, located in the state of Sao Paulo, legally qualified as ‘non profit’, focused in programs linked to education and professional improvement through education.

Organizations that have a project or initiative in education, focused on solving social issues related to the entry of young people of 14 to 34 years of age from lower social economic backgrounds in the labor market.

Must be legally registered in Brazil for at least one year, in accordance with Brazilian legislation, and compliant with tax obligations.

Institutions abiding by the labor legislation, respectful of the employment relations and able to attest its ethical reputation.

Quem pode participar


1st phase

Application dates From August 27th to October 30th 2019

From August 27th to October 30th 2019

Evaluation of the applications by the jury committee Until October 14th 2019
Assessement of
the applications
by the jury

Until October 14th 2019

Organizations visiting Between October 15th and 22nd 2019

Between October 15th and 22nd 2019

2nd phase

Announcement of the pre-selected organizations Until October 30th 2019
Announcement of
the pre-selected

Until October 30th 2019

demoday November 14th 2019

November 14th 2019

Award ceremony November 27th 2019

November 27th 2019

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About Citi Foundation

Citi Foundation, Citi´s social investment branch, works to promote economic progress and improve the lives of people in low income communities around the world. Invests in efforts to increase financial inclusion, catalyzes labor opportunities for young people and reinvents approaches to build cities economically vibrant. The Citi Foundation partners with over 250 community organizations in more than 80 countries and territories around the world.


About Grupo +Unidos

+Unidos non profit association, is a collaborative social investment fund designed by the American Embassy, through United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The group is formed by large companies acting in Brazil, and has been active since 2008 in empowering young Brazilians through the development of initiatives focused on education and technological studies, rethinking the efforts in social responsibility that are currently being applied in the country.